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Credit Application Services

RHK Recovery Group is a trusted company that has been in the business of commercial debt collection and credit application processing for almost 20 years. With our clients’ growing need for credit application processing, we have decided to put more emphasis on this side of the business and created a new website called to service those clients.

Through the website, RHK Credit Services will offer robust credit services like high-risk account monitoring, insolvency support, and other customized services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our commitment to quality and proficiency ensures our clients get the best solutions to help them achieve their financial goals.

Summary of RHK Credit Services:

• Credit Application Processing

We offer accurate, thorough, and fast review of the credit worthiness of our client’s customers.

• High Risk Account Monitoring

High Credit Risk Account Monitoring is a comprehensive financial management strategy designed to reduce risk and protect customer accounts from fraud and fraudulent activity.

• Insolvency Support

Specialist insolvency support services for businesses to help them secure their future and address financial issues effectively.

• Customized services

Tailor made services to meet each customer’s unique financial needs, offering guidance and support throughout the process.

• Online access

Online access allows clients to manage their accounts securely, quickly, and easily with automated and validated services, resulting in shorter transaction times and higher satisfaction levels.

How We Approach Credit Application Processing

This is a multi-step process that starts with the submission of an individual’s or business’s credit application. Following this, we will review the application for accuracy and completion, and then RHK Credit Services will process the credit report to check the applicant’s creditworthiness. Depending on the lender, other processes may also be involved, such as reviewing bank statements and income verification. Finally, the creditor (our clients) will review all documents before making their decision, and if the applicant is approved our clients will extend the credit terms.

High Credit Risk Account Monitoring

This is a comprehensive financial management strategy designed to reduce risk and protect customer accounts from fraud and fraudulent activity. It includes financial analysis, identification of account anomalies, proactive risk identification and mitigation, monitoring of customer behavior, and enforcement of rules and regulations. Implementing timely and effective high credit risk account monitoring provides our clients with the ability to detect, prevent, and manage credit risks before they become costly issues.

Insolvency Support

At RHK Credit Services, we understand how challenging it can be for businesses going through a period of financial hardship or insolvency. That is why we offer a range of specialist insolvency support services to help businesses during this difficult time. Our insolvency services include financial assessments, debt restructuring, insolvency advice, and asset protection strategies. We are committed to providing businesses with the advice and assistance they need to secure their future and limit the damage caused by insolvency. As experienced professionals, our team is dedicated to understanding and meeting businesses’ needs to ensure their financial issues are effectively take care of.

When it comes to helping our clients better manage credit related business, and enable their customers’ purchasing power, the RHK Credit Services Division of RHK Recovery Group is proud to provide the support they need. We are dedicated to our clients’ success by providing the necessary credit application processing resources, and related services. Visit our new website at for more information or contact us at (631) 773-4450 [email protected] for any questions.